Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Iron Man 3 : Marvellous

Hi my all beautiful reader ! 

Hi there! I love iron man ... during my last Friday, me, my husband and friends went to a movie iron man 3 .. hahaha should we want to watch at wangsa walk but due to the tickets all sold out we get tickets at 1 Shamelin new shopping center in cheras .. huuu we were fortunate to purchase tickets early due to excited want to watch iron man movie coming out in theaters ...

very satisfied watching iron man 3 .. action movie loaded with humanitarian messages, love, responsibility .. be careful because sometimes we do not realize that we have created our own enemies!

what I can say that I really like Iron Man 3..hehe

Watch Iron Man 3 Trailer 


for those who want to watch the iron man 3 quick to theaters near you... :)
xoxo - simaa  

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