Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tips Beauty & Health ~ Benefits of Dates

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates

Cholesterol & Fat
Dates are good choice who are looking to loss weight.In any weight lossdiet plan dates are included,because dates are free from any type of cholesterol and also contain less amount of fat.

Dates are rich source of proteins and essential minerals that helpful to body functioning. Proteins are main building blocks for muscles.

Who are looking up to overcome vitamin deficiency dates are good choice.It contains almost all vitamins such as B1,B2,B3,B5 are very common and also A1 and C vitamin.

Energy is very important in our busy schedule.Natural sugars present in the dates will helps to boost up your energy in the body and gives you instant result.

Potassium & Sodium
Dates are rich source of potassium which will helps to protect us from the risk of a stroke in the body.It also reduce cholesterol.High amount of potassium and less amount of sodium is a good combination for a healthy nervous system.

Dates are rich source of iron which can be helpful in iron deficiency.Most of the people fails to consume adequate amount of iron because of adding other ingredients in their meal.Fluorine present in the dates are also helps from tooth decaying.

People suffering with constipation(difficulty in emptying the bowels) for those people dates soaked in water will gives better result.

Detoxifying the body
Dates are also used to detoxifying the body after over consumption of alcohol.Dates are also helpful to gain weight  who are suffering with under weight problems such as iron,proteins and vitamin deficiency.

Cure cancer
It cures abdominal cancer and are also well known for night blindness and eyesight problems.

Skin problems
By consuming dates we can combat so many skin problems such as stretch marks vitamin B deficiency.Lack of vitamin B may cause different skin problems.It has a natural source of vitamin B.It can also strengthen hair follicle and prevent hair loss.

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